Thursday, January 3, 2013

On the second day of 2013, My Frump Slump Gave To Me...

My frump slump has given me a myriad of insights and gifts.  I haven't liked many of those gifts, and have wanted to return them, but absent a gift receipt, I have come to appreciate them.  It's like the sweater someone gave you with the gigantic orange snowman on the front in a stunning shade of neon green.  We don't always like every gift that we receive, but remember, it is the thought that counts...

Some of my gifts?  Well - let's see, the gift of wallowing, the gift of poor preparation, and the gift of self-doubt to name a few.  How are these presents exactly?  Each of them (and several others) showed me that although I spent a time there, I no longer allow myself to succumb to those negative thoughts that speak of mediocrity and failure.  Finally (finally...) I know and believe better than that.  And to quote Maya Angelou, "When you know better you do better".

I now believe it is possible to maintain a significant weight loss, and that there is no rule that it must be regained because of age, peer pressure, or any other reason.  The gift is the truth - the weight I regained was because I ate more than I burned.  Period.  I now believe it is possible to successfully recover from a layoff in this economy.  The gift is the vision to create new opportunities, seen and unseen.  I now believe it is possible to complete half and full marathons, and that there is no rule that disease or excuses must prevent that.  The gift is determination, and the blessings of being able to walk on from wherever I start again. 

Facing issues transforms them into gifts.  Gifts of insight into how it got this bad.  Gifts of intentions to resolve to do something different, something better.  Gifts of perseverance, and the gift of being grateful for the ability to try again tomorrow. 

What are the gifts given you by your slump?  Which of those gifts are you dumping in order to get the gifts you really want?  What do you intend to do with those gifts?  Remember - it is your thoughts that count...


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