Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Put One Foot In Front of the Other...Day Two

Lots of "un-frumping" today, and not just about diet and exercise.  I had a couple of comments including one that the person took a long hot bath and finally took some well needed self care time.  She said it was small but...Small, nothing...   A step is a step...and soon you'll be walking (or in this case taking some self time) out the door!

For me, the non diet/exercise part is a long but wonderful story.  Next post!  However, my committed one foot in front of the other did indeed include some exercise - 30 minutes on an elliptical machine, and better food choices.  Those choices included a cheeseburger, but also the choice was no roll (or bun depending on your region), having it for a late lunch, and just having a small dinner.  You can have fun food, you just need to chose wisely and make compromises when dumping pounds and frump slumps!

Remember what the winter wizard says:

"If I want to change the reflection
I see in the mirror each morn
You mean that it's just my election
To vote for a chance to be reborn"

We make those elections and decisions all day, ever day.  Make them the fabulous elections and choices for you! 

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